My practice focuses on individual therapy with adults and adolescents. With compassionate, nonjudgmental listening, I provide a supportive space where you can safely explore areas for healing and growth. Together, we clarify your current experience and what you would like to see happen as a result of therapy. Relief, insight, courage? You may want to overcome or cope with difficult emotions, restore hope and confidence, repair or build relationships, create healthier patterns, or establish and maintain recovery. Therapy works. Through a therapeutic relationship over time, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, and with compassionate awareness, experience meaningful growth. Having worked in the mental health community since 1994, I am experienced in assessment, counseling, crisis intervention and resource connection for people with a wide array of issues. My work includes inpatient behavioral health and outpatient treatment settings. Trained in mindfulness practices, I incorporate these practices into therapy as desired. For those seeking a sliding scale fee, I recommend Open Path Psychotherapy Collective as an option to obtain affordable therapy. A portion of my practice is reserved for OPPC members. More information is available on my website at Charlotte Therapy Works. Please call to schedule first appointments by phone.

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