Jonathan Hetterly Claim

Our world is in the midst of a global crisis, and everyone’s lives have changed. Our mental health must be prioritized, or we will needlessly suffer as we accept and adapt to what is happening in our lives. Those folks who need my help can no longer come to me. So, I will come to you. I am licensed in the state of North Carolina, which means I can provide teletherapy to anyone in the state. It is my responsibility as your therapist to ensure that remote sessions do not impede the therapeutic relationship or progress toward your goals. Please don’t hesitate – reach out and together let’s get to work!
Life is hard, and healthy living can be a challenge. But I believe within us we have the capability, resiliency, and perseverance to better our lives. I believe that all our lives could be enhanced. And I believe that tackling life’s struggles with another is more beneficial than going it alone. Right now, more than ever before, we need others.
I help those with anxiety, depression, addiction, mental health related life disruption, marital struggles, and parenting problems. I approach therapy primarily through CBT, ACT, a strength-based approach, and motivational interviewing. I invite (no demand) creativity, community, and humor to help educate, empower, and enhance the lives of others.
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