I work collaboratively with my clients to help them resolve problems and reach their goals for personal wellbeing. You will find me to be non-judgmental, supportive, and genuine. I have experience successfully helping people with a wide range of concerns, from everyday stress to severely impairing mental health problems. My approach to therapy focuses on the thoughts, behaviors, and relationship patterns that may be causing difficulties. I often teach coping skills and mindfulness-based strategies. I also attend closely to the therapeutic relationship and to the development of insight or increased self-awareness in clients. I take into consideration a wide range of variables that can affect personal wellbeing, such as genetic influences, family environment, social messages, community, and cultural identity. I welcome and affirm clients of diverse identities, especially with regard to sexuality or gender, race/ethnicity, or religion/spirituality. My dog, a beagle, comes to work with me (see ‘Wallace’ gallery). He usually naps in his bed during sessions, but also loves to interact with clients who choose to engage with him. He provides a calm and comforting presence, and is helpful for mindfulness-based and stress-reduction activities.

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