I have been lucky in professional career to get to work for two different systems in two different states doing a variety of roles in each system. I have worked with great people throughout those ten years of my professional development before I started L & B Counseling. My first job was working with adults experiencing substance abuse and mental illness. This was in the height of crystal meth in Colorado with Community Reach Center and I was amazed at the poor of addiction. I helped start intensive outpatient with Carolinas Medical Center Randolph in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system when I moved back to Charlotte in 2004. I got to work in partnership with Mecklenburg County through a grant assisting participants and their family that were receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. My last job before starting my business was doing outpatient therapy with Carolinas Medical Center Randolph up until 2010. I try to incorporate different facets into my therapy. I like using pieces of the Enneagram to help me understand personality dynamics which helps the person I am working with begin to know their strengths and blind spots. I work with everyone around increasing awareness of their emotional state, develop tools to help stay level and practice what needs to be learned. In most instances the tools are already there but there are certain trigger points that cause the access of the tools challenging. We just try to work on consistency. I encourage people to read Redirect so they can begin to understand how making micro changes in their narrative can have a big impact short term but really long term. We always take a look at what role technology plays in the person’s life because that stuff can sneak up on you in addicted ways. I have posted several articles on the social media side about the impact on brain development and tricky ways the companies are engineering their sites and apps to create habitual use. We try to do this in a fun, engaging way no matter how old you are. I see clients in the midtown and Ballantyne locations

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